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Truck Cetani Diesel improver New
TRUCK 2139
Cetani Diesel improver
Cetani Diesel improver
LCC26 igienizzante trigger motorsistem
Trigger 750 ml
and 5Lt tank
Prevents the formation of salt and limescale agglomerates in the exhaust pipe and in the Adblue injector
tank cleaning system
Automatic station for cleaning diesel fuel in the tank
// Company MotorSistem

Who we are

// Who we are

MotorSistem // Italian Chemical Industry.

Innovative chemical treatment formulas for fuel cleaning, to reduce atmospheric pollution of internal combustion engines.

MotorSistem is a chemical industry that has been operating in the professional chemical products sector for over 20 years. Constantly collaborating alongside important European and North American car manufacturers, MotorSistem has been able to formulate and patent a range of technical products born to clean and protect all the sophisticated power systems of thermal engines.
Following the evolution of fuels over the years, MotorSistem is proposed to fuel depots and road plants with an innovative chemical treatment for diesel, developed to counteract and eliminate the formation of bacterial flora inside the tanks and tanks, the cause of many anomalies in the functioning of the engines.


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Core Features.

All Kind Brand

MotorSistem has created different lines of professional products for car care and equipment for mechanical workshops and fuel distributors.

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Expert Mechanics

MotorSistem partner mechanical workshops are throughout the Italian territory and ensure the best assistance for the motorist

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Repair Vehicales

Professional equipment for the specialized mechanic and the workshop, an aid to work at their best.

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Product Catalogs

Complete list of MotorSistem product catalogs, fuel cleaning additives, technical sprays for the workshop and equipment for professional mechanics.

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